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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Do You Know Who Knows?

Those of us who are a little older, and hopefully, wiser, than our young folks, probably know that there are "privacy" settings that can, and should be used, for our Facebook accounts. In an article written by Jerome Taylor, "Google Chief: My Fears for Generation Facebook," we learn that privacy is not often guarded by the younger generation. The consequences could be detrimental to one's future prospects (education, jobs, etc.). Scary.

But, perhaps, I gave adults too much credit--recently, over the border in Massachusetts, a school administrator, was forced to resign over comments that she posted on Facebook. This was an educated person! Educated, but perhaps lacking in common sense?

Young or old, be wary. Social networking sites can turn out to be socially dangerous! You may be able to help your kids by consulting Generation Myspace: Helping Your Teen Survive Online Adolescence by Candice M. Kelsey [305.235 KEL]--the key though, is getting them to listen. As for yourself, read the chapter in Facebook for Dummies by Carolyn Abram [004.69 ABR], "Privacy and Safety on Facebook," and follow the directions!

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