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Monday, August 09, 2010

Dream Discussions

Okay, here's an interesting new phenomenon--dream discussion groups. The New York Times had an article about it not long ago, and made the comparison to the proliferation of book discussion groups. Here's one more variation--how about having a book discussion about a dream interpretation book?

Browse through our collection in the 135.3 and 154.6 sections and you'll find dream interpretation works by Zolar, Carl Jung and others. The work of the most famous dream interpreter, Sigmund Freud, is found in 150.19.

I would recommend looking at Know Your Dreams, Know Yourself by Judith L. Scharff [154.63 SCH]. Judith Scharff came to the library several years ago to do a program on dreams. It was quite enlightening, and what she had to say made a lot of sense. To look at the work of Freud and Jung, you must realize that the people who were their subjects were those who were considered to have some mental instability. Scharff based her work on students at UNH, where she taught for a number of years. Students may have responsibility issues, but in most cases, they're stable mentally!

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