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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Food Art

Fair season is almost upon us! One of the highlights of my yearly trip to the Big E is the huge butter sculpture that is constructed while we watch. The man who does the sculpture is Jim Victor, and, he is the official "butter artist in-residence."

Jim Victor is also butter artist, cheese artist, and chocolate artist at other fairs and events around the country. You'll be amazed to see the extent of work done by this food artist when you check out his website. Who knew?

Mr. Victor works with 600 pounds of butter to create his sculptures. Here's a photo of one, in progress, that he created in 2009:

Food art runs in the family, Jim Victor's wife is the artist, Marie Pelton. Pelton makes sculptures with elaborate arrangements of fruits and vegetables. You can see some of her work, too, on Victor's site.

A less ambitious display of food art can be found in Good Things for Easy Entertaining from Martha Stewart [642.4 GOO]. The editors at Martha Stewart Living [MAG MAR] can show you how to make centerpieces from pumpkins and flowers, napkin rings from homemade pretzels, and more. It ain't a 500-lb. butter cow, but, it's still impressive!

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