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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Got Instruments?

How many of you took music lessons in elementary/middle/high school and after graduating never picked up your trumpet/sax/flute/fill-in-the-blank ever again? That instrument is now gathering dust. Wouldn't you rather see it put to good use?

Think about donating it to Lt. Colonel Cheryl McAuley who will see that the instrument is shipped to Iraq where it will be put to good use in Iraq's National Band or by music students. McAuley was interviewed on WBUR's Here and Now last month, you can listen to it here. Click here to learn more about the project, and what is still needed.

We have a British film that clearly points out the power that music has to change lives. Look for Brassed Off! [DVD BRA], starring a very young Ewan McGregor, on your next visit.

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