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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Help the Helping Hands

The day after school ended in June, Windham's Helping Hands set up their "little red schoolhouse" board. The board is covered with paper apples, each containing the back-to-school needs of a child in need. This is the last week to pick up an apple, purchase the required item/s, and return the item/s, unwrapped, to the Library. As you can see from the photo above, there are still a number of apples left. Don't let a child start school without adequate clothing or supplies--help Windham's Helping Hands! If you can't purchase an item, you can help out by making a donation here, or dropping off a check at the library. Many thanks!

To learn more about Windham's Helping Hands, check out their website or Facebook page.

Look for these back-to-school titles when you come down to the Library to drop off your contribution:

Friedman, Laurie. Back to School, Mallory. [J FRI]
After moving, eight-year-old Mallory struggles with being new at school, especially because her mother is now the music teacher and director of the third grade play.
Jackson, Ellen B. It's Back to School We Go!: First Day Stories From Around the World. [JP JAC]
Describes what the first day of school might be like for a child in Kenya, Kazakhstan, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, Peru, Germany, India, Russia, and the United States.
Mitchard, Jacqueline. Ready, Set, School! [JP MIT]
After Rory the raccoon conquers his fear of spending an entire night away from home, he is prepared to tackle the challenge of starting school just one week later, whether his parents are ready or not.
Rodman, Mary Ann. First Grade Stinks! [JP ROD]
First-grader Haley wishes she were back having fun in kindergarten with her old teacher, until she finds out that first-grade is special, too.
Seuling, Barbara. Robert and the Back-to-School Special. [J SEU]
The new school year gets off to a not-so-good start when Robert gets a bad haircut, but things improve when his father helps him plan a party for Halloween.


  1. Since I write about a time when people helped each other (it was in their blood), I enjoyed especially the title of this post. So often we are just helping the helpers (contributing to the Sierra Club, Salvation Army, DFA, whatever) who do the actual work. And that counts too!

  2. We're very lucky here--the people of the town have both compassion AND the means to support it.