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Tuesday, August 03, 2010


A few weeks back, the toy known as Etch A Sketch® celebrated its 50th birthday! I don't know about you, but I never had much luck creating even basic sketches. Some people, though, have been able to create what only can be described as masterpieces.

The Way Toys Work: The Science Behind the Magic 8 Ball, Etch a Sketch, Boomerang, and More by Edwin J. C. Sobey [688.728 SOB] opens the door to the secrets behind some classic toys.

Tried and true toys are the subject of Classic Toys of the National Toy Hall of Fame: A Celebration of the Greatest Toys of All Time! by Scott G. Eberle [688.72 EBE]. Etch A Sketch is here as well as Monopoly, Tinkertoy, Slinky, and, "The Stick."
The stick, a practical instrument, is itself a prototype toy. Easy to snap off a bush or a tree, a stick is always near at hand (or beak or muzzle): birds appear to play with sticks; otters, too; dogs famously fetch them in maybe the world's oldest interspecies game. Sticks have developed into the essential equipment in many sports.
Not all that long ago, people made toys for their kids. If you'd like try your hand at making them, we can show you how. Well, not personally, but we do have this book by Pamela Peake: Making Your Own Toys [745.592 PEA].

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