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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Apple Pickin' Time

I hope you're heading out soon to one of the local "pick-your-own" apples places. Pretty soon the trees will be stripped bare.

In my youth, there were 3 kinds of apples available for purchase--Macintosh, Delicious, and Cortland. Nowadays there are many varieties available, and, if you're like me, you have trouble trying to remember which varieties you've tasted and liked. I prefer my apples more tart than sweet, and I've been disappointed to purchase an apple variety that was wrong for me. In the grocery stores you often get no information whatsoever, other than a picture of a apple, which is kind of dumb since the apple is right in front of you. What I prefer is a simple statement of taste, such as "slightly tart." It also would help if the notation appeared about its suitability for cooking or eating.

But, lacking all that at the grocery store, if I check out the website All About Apples, there is all the information I need, and more!

If you like cooking/baking with apples, look for one of these:

Barnard, Melanie. Short & Sweet: Sophisticated Desserts In No Time At All. [641.86 BAR]

Hesser, Amanda. The Cook and the Gardener: A Year of Recipes and Writings From the French Countryside. [641.65 HES]

Verge, Roger. Roger Verge's Cooking With Fruit. [641.64 VER]

Woodier, Olwin. The Apple Cookbook. [641.6411 WOO]

Also, check out the DVD, America's Test Kitchen Season 7 [DVD 641.5 AME], and look for the episode entitled "Easy Apple Desserts." Julia Child has "Apple Dessert" on her DVD, The French Chef [DVD 641.5944 FRE].

Our collection is overflowing with books about apples, if you do a keyword search with the word, "apples," you'll get several hundred hits! Everything from information on growing to fun projects for children to make. (You can skip the ones dealing with iPods and Steve Jobs!)

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