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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Someone With a Little Too Much Time...

I'm sure you've been to a hotel in which the bathrooms come complete with a dozen towels, and the ends of the toilet paper are folded into neat little triangles. The triangles are a nice touch.

As with anything, there are some who go above and beyond, and, yes, there is something beyond triangle-tipped t.p. Check this out! (It's in Japanese, but the photos are all that matters!)

Photo courtesy Toilet Paper Origami™

Instructions are included, but unless you read Japanese, you'll need to be a strong visual learner. I don't believe any of our origami books have instructions for folding ends of toilet paper, but they have plenty of other fun folding projects. Here are just two titles: Origami Greeting Cards by Isamu Asahi [736.982 ASA] and Origami Boxes and More! by Florence Temko [736.982 TEM].

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