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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


In my research I came across some information about a new Helen Keller statue at the Montgomery (AL) Museum of Fine Arts. The exhibit description said this,
Since 1864, each state has been allowed to place two statues in the Capitol recognizing the contributions of their citizens to the history of our country.
I had never heard this before and so I decided to look into it to determine what individual was representing New Hampshire. A simple online search revealed The National Statuary Hall and a further explanation of the Capitol's states' statuary.

As you may have been able to guess, our NH statues are of John Stark and Daniel Webster.

A memoir of John Stark is coupled with the writings of Robert Rogers in Reminiscences of the French War: With Robert Rogers' Journal and a Memoir of General Stark [973.2 ROG]. There is also a biography in the children's collection, John Stark: Live Free or Die [J B STA] by Karl Crannell.

Daniel Webster is fully covered in both the adult and children's collections [B WEB and J WEB].

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