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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Cold Season

The cold season is here, and it struck me like a ton of bricks last week. Fortunately I found an article called, "How to Treat a Cold Without Drugs". Much of the information presented was stuff I had already heard before, like vitamin C hasn't been proven to cure a cold, drink plenty of water, eat chicken soup. But, some of it was new to me such as the reason why chicken soup may be good, besides it being hot and soothing, "There are also claims that chicken has anti-viral properties, particularly if the skin is left in, and in 2000, scientists at the University of Nebraska Medical Centre in Omaha found that some components of chicken soup inhibit neutrophil migration, which may have an anti-inflammatory effect that could perhaps lead to a temporary easing of the symptoms of illness."

I also didn't know, "With any virus that involves inflammation, even light exercise can be harmful, especially as we get older." Here I was thinking if I worked up a good sweat, it would sweat out all those nasty cold germs.

We have The Germ Freak's Guide to Outwitting Colds and Flu: Guerilla Tactics to Keep Yourself Healthy at Home, at Work, and in the World by Allison Janse [616.205 JAN] for even more helpful hints about dealing with the common cold.

If you're looking to share information with a young child, look for Katie Caught a Cold by Charlotte Cowan [JP COW].

And, if you're the optimistic type, there's some indication that the cure for the common cold may be just around the corner!

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