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Thursday, November 18, 2010

No-Longer-Wanted Books

Do you buy books, read them once, and then put them on the shelf? They can be put to other uses! For instance, donate them to the Friends of the Library of Windham. The Friends sort through the donations and put saleable items in their ongoing book sale near the check-out desk. Or, they save them for their mid-winter and Strawberry Festival booksales. If you have children participating the the Friends' annual holiday crafts workshops, stop by the sales table for some awesome holiday offerings!

The Friends are looking for recently published items in pristine condition.

The following items will be accepted:

Recently published books, children's, young adults, and adults. Hardcover or paperback.

Audiobooks in CD format.

Musical CDs.


Puzzles and games that contain ALL pieces.

There are, of course, a list of "NOs":

No magazines, not even National Geographic.

No Reader's Digest Condensed books.

No textbooks.

No encyclopedias with a publishing date earlier than 5 years ago.

No outmoded technology, i.e., VHS tapes, audiobooks on cassette, or musical cassettes.

No moldy or mildrewed items; they will not be accepted as they pose significant health hazards.

Although it may seem like a lot of NOs, remember this--the Friends of the Library of Windham is a VOLUNTEER organization. The above "NO" items do not sell. If you help the Friends by not bringing these items to the library, then the volunteers can use their time more effectively in sorting stock and replenishing the sales table.

We ask your cooperation in dropping off items inside the Library during regular business hours only. No donations in the bookdrop, please!

If you have questions, please contact the Friends' booksale volunteers at books@flowwindham.org. The money collected from booksales goes to support the Nesmith Library beyond the scope of the library budget, and, to offering a wide variety of educational and cultural programs at the Nesmith Library and in Windham schools.

Friends advocate for the library, and are one of the most active social/service groups in Windham. Consider joining, and you will be offered the opportunity for booksale previews!

We here at the Library value the service and smiles of the Friends of the Library of Windham volunteers!

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