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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Place to Be

The place to be today is the polls. Get out there and vote! Don't take your right to vote for granted.

It's only 80 years ago that women were granted the right to vote. The fight was long and hard, and one that is now celebrated in these books for children:

Helmer, Diana Star. Women Suffragists. [J 920 HEL]

Kamma, Anne. --If You Lived When Women Won Their Rights. [J 324.623 KAM]

McCully, Emily Arnold. The Ballot Box Battle. [J B STA]

Nash, Carol Rust. The Fight for Women's Right to Vote in American History. [J 324.6 NAS]

White, Linda Arms. I Could Do That: Esther Morris Gets Women the Vote. [J B MOR]

1 comment:

  1. You are always on target! Thanks for this post. As someone who writes about women only one generation after the suffragists, it stuns me that some women today don't vote.

    And recent research shows that someone's much more likely to vote if a friend mentions it.

    So let's all go out today and mention!