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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Alphabet Books

Some of the best books for young children are alphabet books. They serve a dual purpose of introducing a child to the A-B-Cs as well as providing a satisfying visual experience.

I came across a site on which a young woman creates the alphabet using only her body! It's in Japanese, and I have no idea what the text on the site says, but the photos are self-explanatory. Check it out here.

Courtesy Daily Portal

Check out one of these "traditional" alphabet books on your next visit:

Andreae, Giles. K Is for Kissing a Cool Kangaroo. [JP AND]

Geisert, Arthur. Country Road ABC: An Illustrated Journey through America's Farmland. [JP GEI]

Macdonald, Ross. Achoo! Bang! Crash!: The Noisy Alphabet. [JP MAC]

Salas, Laura Purdie. C Is for Cake!: A Birthday Alphabet. [JP SAL]

Wilbur, Helen L. M Is for Meow: A Cat Alphabet. [JP WIL]

Ziefert, Harriet. ABC Dentist. [JP ZIE]

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