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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Animal Tracks

With winter now firmly entrenched, and snow falling between now and (probably) April, there will be intriguing animals tracks in one's backyard.

In my backyard, they're usually cat tracks since my two indoor cats are often visited by a neighborhood prowler who likes to sit outside our window with a smirk on his pussycat lips. But, occasionally there are some very small tracks, which I would love to identify.

This year I'll be borrowing one of our animal tracking books, including Scats and Tracks of the Northeast by James C. Halfpenny [591.974 HAL], rather than speculate randomly. Well, maybe it's a chipmunk. Or perhaps a field mouse? Are squirrels' feet that small?

A fun outing with young kids would be to read either of the following and then take a walk in the woods.

Hodgkins, Fran. Who's Been Here?: A Tale in Tracks. [JP HOD]
[Note: The illustrator of this book, Karel Hayes, lives in New Hampshire. The book was published by a Maine publisher. You can be certain that the tracks represented are ones you're likely to find here in New England.]

Yee, Wong Herbert. Tracks in the Snow. [JP YEE]

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