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Friday, December 31, 2010

Poetry Friday--"A Wish"

The last day of 2010! Where did the year go? Never mind, we must plow ahead and look forward to better days. Here's "A Wish" by Eleanor Farjeon for the new year. It is as applicable now as it was when it was anthologized in An Inheritance of Poetry [821 ADS] in 1948:
A Wish

A glad New Year to all!--
Since, many a tear,
Do what we can, must fall,
The greater need to wish a glad
                            New Year.

Since lovely youth is brief,
O girl and boy,
And no one can escape a share of grief,
I wish you joy;

Since hate is with us still,
I wish men love;
I wish since hovering hawks still strike to kill,
The coming of the dove;

And since the ghouls of terror and despair
Are still abroad,
I wish the world once more within the care
Of those who have seen God.
An interesting choice of words in the last two lines--not the world within the care of God, but in the care of those who have seen God. Something to think about.

For the world I wish all the above and additional wishes for justice, an elimination of poverty, and an end to the power of greed.

For my readers I wish much happiness today, and in the coming year.

This week the Poetry Friday Round-Up will be held at Carol's Corner, stop by!

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