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Friday, August 05, 2011

Poetry Friday--Amy Lowell

I lately realized that we didn't have a book of Amy Lowell's poetry in our collection. Surely an oversight since Lowell is a marvelous example of the New England poet with her poems such as "Lilacs" and "Monadnock in Early Spring," and I've featured her several times on Poetry Friday! I've corrected the oversight and purchased Amy Lowell: Selected Poems for our collection [821 LOW].

On this sunshiny summer's day I've decided to go with a joyous Lowell poem called "Balls."
Throw the blue ball above the little twigs of the tree-tops,
And cast the yellow ball straight at the buzzing stars.

All our life is a flinging of coloured balls
                                    to impossible distances.
And in the end what have we?
                                    A tired arm--a tip-tilted nose.

Ah! Well! Give me the purple one.
Wouldn't it be a fine thing if I could make it stick
On top of the Methodist steeple?
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Photo by candiceecidnac.


  1. I'm pleased to see Amy Lowell here. I've been writing her biography for some time. I've produced an interim book, AMY LOWELL AMONG HER CONTEMPORIES, which includes a selection of her poetry. My book is meant to correct certain derogatory views of Lowell, especially those expressed by Pound and his circle. My book is available in ebook and paperback from amazon.com, bn.com, and other online outlets. I'm hoping my book will be published by Rowman and Littlefield sometime in 2013.

  2. Love this - even with a "tired arm" and a "tip-tilted nose" the thing to do is keep playing. Thanks for sharing this delightful Lowell poem, Diane!

  3. I'll look for your book, Carl. The more I read Amy Lowell, the more I like her! I hope you'll discover her, too, Robyn!