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Friday, August 12, 2011

Poetry Friday--Postcards

Twice this week I've posted about postcards. So, I figured I'd finish off the week with yet another!

This summer, the website of the Academy of American Poets, poets.org, has solicited postcards from poets. The missives are archived here.

Here's a postcard from Sharon Olds, which just so happens to have been sent from New Hampshire:

Here's a postcard poem from Linda Gregg:
Looking For Each of Us

I open the box of my favorite postcards
and turn them over looking for de Chirico
because I remember seeing you standing
facing a wall no wider than a column where
to your left was a hall going straight back
into darkness, the floor a ramp sloping down
to where you stood alone and where the room
opened out on your right to an auditorium
full of people who had just heard you read
and were now listening to the other poet.

Read the rest here.

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Next week I'm taking a long-anticipated vacation--maybe I'll send you a postcard! See you back here on the 22nd.


  1. Yay for that moment in the poem when we learn that the people had "just heard you read." That makes me smile.

    And that postcard....is epic. I adore it.

  2. What a neat postcard project the AAP is doing. Do you suppose the loon found a poem?

  3. Thanks for stopping by, ladies!

    I'm heading on vacation and there are loons where I'm staying, so I'll ask them, Tabatha!