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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

150 Years--Part 3

Like all the northern states, New Hampshire played a part in the Civil War (known 150 years ago as the War of the Rebellion). If the many regimental history volumes in our reference collection [R 973.7] are any indication, NH played a big role!

We have several books in our circulating collection that will give you an introduction to the participation of NH in the war including:

Cleveland, Mather. New Hampshire Fights the Civil War. [973.74 CLE]

Closs, Steven Robert. Willing Sacrifice: Granite State Valor during the American Civil War 1861-1865. [973.7442 CLO]

Heald, Bruce D. New Hampshire in the Civil War. [974.2 HEA]

Shaffer, Duane E. Men of Granite: New Hampshire's Soldiers in the Civil War. [973.7442 SHA]

If you'd like to do some intensive research into NH and the Civil War, schedule a trip to the NH State Archives, the NH Historical Society, or the NH State Library, all in Concord.

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