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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Movie Favorites

Did you notice the full moon last week. It was bright and strikingly beautiful, and the minute I saw it I thought, That's Cosmos' moon!

For those of you who are now scratching your heads, Cosmos' moon plays an important part in one of my favorite movies, Moonstruck starring Cher [DVD MOO]. An all-round fun and funny film.

Now that I've started mentioning favorite movies, I might as well mention a few more. Ranking at the top of best holiday movies is Love, Actually [DVD LOV], which stars two of my favorite British actors, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth. A great feel-good movie.

Also in the feel-good category is Enchanted April [DVD ENC]. Believe it or not, the setting is the real star of the film--Portofino, Italy. This movie is my number one all-time favorite.

If, after watching Enchanted April, you find yourself looking for more of the same, don't miss A Room with a View [DVD ROO].

The Commitments [DVD COM] is also a favorite. It can't be called a musical, but it is full of music. Here, too, the setting, Dublin, plays an important role in the story. As does Bloomington, Indiana in the bicycle racing movie, Breaking Away [DVD BRE]. In both of these films the ending is satisfying though not exactly what you may have hoped for.

As you can tell, I have lots of favorite movies, so I'll stop here for now. What's your favorite movie?

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