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Friday, November 04, 2011

Poetry Friday--"Every Morning"

Horses Made a Landscape More Beautiful: Poetry by Alice Walker [811 WAL] is a slender volume that can get lost on our shelves. Take the time, though, to look for it. When you do, flip through to page 16, where you'll find a fun little poem that is bound to resonate with you if you're over the age of 40:
Every Morning

Every morning I exercise
my body.
It complains
"Why are you doing this to me?"
I give it a plié
in response.
I heave my legs
off the floor
and feel my stomach muscles
they are mutinous
there are rumblings
of dissent.

I have other things
to show,
but mostly, my body.
"Don't you see that person
staring at you?" I ask my breasts,
which are still capable
of staring back.
"If I didn't exercise
you couldn't look up
that far.
Your life would be nothing
but shoes."
"Let us at least say we're doing it
for ourselves";
my fingers are eloquent;
they never sweat.
Laura Salas is the hostess for today's Poetry Friday Round-Up. Run right over! Yes, run! You can do it--you're doing it for yourself!


  1. Thanks, I have an anniversary post scheduled for tomorrow.