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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Being Driven Ding Dong (Merrily on High)?

Are you tired of the same old holiday music? If I never heard "Silent Night" again, I'd be perfectly happy.

We have holiday music that is a nice switch from what you've been hearing on the Boston stations since Veterans Day! (Be thankful you don't live in Cape May, New Jersey where WEZW-FM has been playing seasonal songs since October 17!)

An American Christmas, 1770-1870. [CD HOLIDAY AME]

Anonymous 4. A Star in the East: Medieval Hungarian Christmas Music. [CD HOLIDAY ANO]

The Chieftains. The Bells of Dublin. [CD HOLIDAY CHI]

A Cowboy Christmas. [CD HOLIDAY COW]

Festival of Light. [CD HOLIDAY FES]

McKennitt, Loreena. To Drive the Cold Winter Away. [CD HOLIDAY MCK]

Wassail! Wassail! [CD HOLIDAY WAS]

Of course, some people find comfort in the tried and true tunes. If you're one of them, and you'd like to sing along with the radio, look for The Best Christmas Songs Ever [781.723 BES], or one of our other books which contain holiday music and lyrics.

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