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Friday, December 30, 2011

Poetry Friday--"The Pen"

To finish off the year, here's a simple, but lovely poem from Tunisia by Muhammad-al-Ghuzzi (translated by May Jayyusi and John Heath-Stubbs):
The Pen

Take a pen in your uncertain fingers.
Trust, and be assured
That the whole world is a sky-blue butterfly
And words are the net to capture it.

from Voices: Poetry and Art From Around the World [YA 808.81 VOI]
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Have a safe and happy New Year!

Photo by najeebkhan2009.


  1. Kitty,

    These four short lines are perfect as we contemplate the New Year.

    All the best for a Happy and Peaceful Year ahead.


  2. I am particularly fond of this poem! Best wishes for 2012 to you, too, Maria!