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Friday, February 10, 2012

Poetry Friday--"The New Heart"

In preparation for Valentine's Day on Tuesday I thought I'd share this little poem found in the City Lights Pocket Poets Anthology, edited by Lawrence Ferlinghetti [808.81 CIT]:
A New Heart
by Semyon Kirsanov, translated by Amselm Hollo

I'm busy!
I am building
     a model, of an entirely

A heart
    for the future: to feel
          and love with. A heart
                to understand men with:

And also, to tell me, whom
      I should freely
          shake by the hand--
and to whom
      I should never
           extend it.
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Photo courtesy Open Clip Art Library.


  1. Intriguing poem. That ending caught me off guard. If only our hearts could be so smart...but then that extending of the hand would not mean nearly as much. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Ah-the undecided heart wanting so much to be satisfied but also needing such assurance. Fun to see how the poet started and then ended.