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Friday, February 15, 2013

Poetry Friday--"The Conspiracy"

One of the Library's rear windows, 2/11/13,
The Conspiracy

by Robert Creeley

You send me your poems,
I'll send you mine.

Things tend to awaken
even through random communication.

Let us suddenly
proclaim spring. And jeer

at the others,
all the others.

I will send a picture too
if you will send me one of you.

Found in Pocket Poems: Selected for a Journey by Paul B. Janeczko [YA 811.5 POC]
If only it were this easy to proclaim it "Spring!" The picture above was taken after the recent nor'easter. Will you send me one of yours?

My friend, Linda, at Teacher Dance, is hosting this week's Poetry Friday Round-Up. Tell her I sent you!

Photo © Diane Mayr.


  1. What a photo!

    "Things tend to awaken
    even through random communication."

    I think sending poems is more likely to "awaken things" than other sorts of communication, don't you? This poem makes me wonder what happened next.

  2. Love the photo, although I know 'love' isn't the word you would use for such a storm. We've had some of those in the past in Denver, & could use more than a dusting now-it's so dry this winter! I love the poem, have used it with my students in the past. Janeczko's anthologies are so good for young adolescents. thanks Diane!

  3. There must be something magical about that back window, here's a photo from January 2011.