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Monday, February 11, 2013

Put a Little Art in Your Life

On Friday, in the midst of the storm, I browsed through the Museum of Fine Art's Pinterest board, "Let It Snow!" It was a pleasant way to pass the time while waiting for the storm to move through. The MFA has 24 different Pinterest boards, so if you can't take another reference to snow, you may want to try the "Summer" or "Artful Traveling" boards instead.

The internet has opened up the world of art to anyone with access to a computer. I now get a daily email, "Art of the Day," which exposes me to a work of art and provides a bit of explanation of what I'm looking at. You can sign up, too, or, you can see all the featured art gathered in one place, here.

You may prefer to get your art live, or from books, if so, we've got you covered with museum passes (MFA, Currier, PEM) and a nice collection of illustrated, and how-to, art books waiting for you!

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