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Friday, May 24, 2013

Poetry Friday--Happy International Tiara Day!

Grab your tiara and plop it on your head--it's International Tiara Day! Don't have a tiara? That's no excuse not to celebrate--visit the Library and borrow Crowns and Tiara by Kerri Judd [YA 745.5 JUD] and get busy making your own!

Since you're going to be wearing a tiara, why not take tea with the King and Queen? Beatrice Schenk de Regniers wrote about tea with the King and Queen in her 1965 Caldecott Award winning picture book, May I Bring a Friend? [JP DER]. The book is written in rhyme and is a real treat for tiara (or crown) wearing royals! Here's the opening:

The King and Queen
Invited me
To come to their house
On Sunday for tea.

I told the Queen
And the Queen told the King
I had a friend
I wanted to bring.

The King told the Queen,
"My dear, my dear,
Any friend of our friend
Is welcome here."

So I brought my friend...
The first friend to come along is a giraffe, followed by hippo, followed by a zoo-ful of others. If you've never read May I Bring a Friend? you should really make a point of visiting the Library to borrow it!

Hopefully your tiara hasn't fallen off yet! Hold onto it before heading off the this week's Poetry Friday Round-Up being held at Jama's Alphabet Soup. Jama always has something wonderful cooking at her blog!


  1. I'd like to ask
    May I come too?
    I'd like to have
    tea with you.
    Especially since
    it's Tiara Day.
    I love to sparkle
    in my way.

    Now I'm off
    to celebrate
    to don my tiara
    I can't wait.

    What a fun post, I'll have to mark my calendar for next year. As the Princess of Poetry, I love wearing tiaras.

  2. My fourth grader came home and announced that it was Tiara Day at school! Sadly, she had to make one out of paper...

    Will share this poem with her tonight!

  3. Thanks for your poem, Joy!

    I have a small head with fine, thin hair. The only kind of tiara I can wear is a paper one, Cathy, so your 4th grader's would work wonderfully well!