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Friday, August 09, 2013

Poetry Friday--From "North Atlantic"

In the children's room we have a collection of poems selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins called Got Geography! [J 811.008 GOT]. It is full of fun poems about maps and explorers, compasses, islands, mountains, and more.

One of my favorite poems in the collection is by Carl Sandburg from "North Atlantic."
The sea is always the same:
and yet the sea always changes.

        The sea gives all,
        and yet the sea keeps something back.

The sea takes without asking.
The sea is a worker, a thief and a loafer.
        Why does the sea let go so slow?
        Or never let go at all?

The sea always the same
day after day,
the sea always the same
night after night,
fog on fog and never a star,
wind on wind and running white sheets,
bird on bird always a sea-bird--
so the days get lost:
it is neither Saturday nor Monday,
it is any day or no day,
it is a year, ten years.
I wonder how Sandburg would write the poem today with our issues of climate change and rising sea levels!

What makes the book particularly appealing to kids are the strikingly bold illustrations by Philip Stanton.
Graphite pencil on rag paper for the base drawing, watercolors and acrylic paints for the base painting, and final touches using graphite crayons and watercolor crayons on top of the acrylic base were used to prepare the full-color art.
Don't you love it when a book includes art notes so that curious people can learn about art media and methods.

Renee at No Water River is hosting the Poetry Friday Round-Up for this week. Stop by and enjoy the poetry.

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