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Thursday, October 10, 2013


This past year, the New Hampshire Humanities Council, the NH Institute for Civic Education, the NH Supreme Court Society, and the UNH School of Law, ran a series of discussions called "Constitutionally Speaking"

Videos are available online; if you are interested in the presentations, click here. This is one talk, by retired Supreme Court Justice, David H. Souter, in which he "discusses Americans' alarming lack of knowledge about the U.S. Constitution and the structure of government, and the potential danger pervasive civic ignorance poses to our democracy."

Some teachers state, with the new Common Core curriculum, social studies, which includes the old subject of "civics," has taken a back seat to reading, science, and math. So, school-aged children aren't necessarily getting the grounding they will need to become a well-informed citizen. In our collection, however, we have a set of books, by Rich Smith, called the "Bill of Rights" series. One volume is How Amendments are Adopted [J 342.73 SMI]. Other volumes deal with the individual amendments. The set would be a great introduction for kids, and dare I say, some adults. We have other books, too, that deal with the Constitution and the three branches of the government.

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