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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Richard Dreyfuss!

Richard Dreyfuss is 66 years young today. Drefuss has had a long career in films starting back in the 60s when he appeared in The Graduate [DVD GRA]. Don't remember him in that movie? He played a boarding house resident and was not credited. (It might be fun to rewatch to film to see if you can spot him!) His breakthrough role came when he played a teen in 1973 in American Graffiti [DVD GRA]. The stellar performances continue to this day! Dreyfuss recently completed Killing Winston Jones, a comedy in which he plays the title role. It will probably be released in 2014.

Here are a few of Dreyfuss's films that you can borrow from the Library:

Close Encounters of the Third Kind. [DVD CLO]

The Goodbye Girl. [DVD GOO]

Jaws. [DVD JAW]

Lost in Yonkers. [DVD LOS]

Mr. Holland's Opus. [DVD MRH]

Postcards from the Edge. [DVD POS]

Here's one of my favorite scenes from a Richard Dreyfuss movie:

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