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Monday, December 30, 2013

Endangered Species Act

On the 28th of December, 1973, the Endangered Species Act was signed into law by President Richard Nixon. For a fact sheet about the act, click here.

New Hampshire has a number of endangered and threatened animals and plants. You can click on the species name which will take you to another page where you can find a map and links to other resources.

The numbers on the list of threatened and endangered species are fluid. Some species may come off and others may come on. It is always encouraging when a species is able to make a comeback and be removed from the list. The Eagles Are Back by Jean Craighead George [J 598.942 GEO] is the story of the Bald eagle which is one of the success stories that can be attributed to the Endangered Species Act. The Bald eagle is now "delisted."

NH Fish and Game have been monitoring the Bald eagle population in our state since 1980. Read more here.

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