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Friday, December 13, 2013

Poetry Friday--"The Sniffle"

A little silliness for today! Being as it's the season of colds, here's "The Sniffle" by Ogden Nash.
In spite of her sniffle
Isabel's chiffle.
Some girls with a sniffle
Would be weepy and tiffle;
They would look awful,
Like a rained-on waffle,
But Isabel's chiffle
In spite of her sniffle.
Her nose is more red
With a cold in her head,
But then, to be sure,
Her eyes are bluer.
Some girls with a snuffle,
Their tempers are uffle.
But when Isabel's snivelly
She's snivelly civilly,
And when she's snuffly
She's perfectly luffly.
I found this poem in Poetry Out Loud edited by Robert Alden Rubin [821.008 POE]. The selection is a good one for performing out loud, and one of the helpful hints accompanying the poem the "meaning" of the slightly odd words, for example, chiffle = cheerful. Now with that in mind, reread the poem more slowly and see if you can figure out the other oddities!

More Ogden Nash nonsense can be found here:

Today the Poetry Friday Round-Up is being hosted by Tabatha Yeatts. If you haven't visited Tabatha's blog before, take some time to browse through past posts--you're in for a treat of poetry, art, and music!


  1. He was so clever. Fits me well today, I have a sniffle, but am trying to be 'chiffle'!

  2. I agree with Linda -- such a clever wordsmith! Being "snivelly civilly" is a good goal :-) !

  3. I'm glad to see you two are in the spirit!

  4. Such a fun Ogden Nash fan! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I'm afraid when I snuffle my temper tends more toward uffle than chiffle. Thanks for the laugh!

  6. Thanks for stopping by BJ and Keri!

    I wish there were more audios of Nash reading his work. I was really surprised how few there were on YouTube. So, if anyone finds more, please let me know.

  7. Oh that Ogden Nash-- insufferable genius.

  8. I absolutely love Ogden Nash.