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Friday, January 03, 2014

Poetry Friday--A Poem for a Snow Day

Yesterday, we were only open part of the day due to snow. The time before we closed was spent checking out DVDs and thrillers to those were expecting to be spending time indoors!

Unfortunately, I did not have a Poetry Friday post ready for today, but, when I got home I found the Library's copy of Good Poems, selected by Garrison Keillor [811.008 GOO], sitting right on my desk just waiting to spend the rest of a "snow day" with me.

Here's a lovely poem from the collection:
Constant North
by J. F. Hendry

Encompass me, my lover,
With your eyes' wide calm.
Though noonday shadows are assembling doom,
The sun remains when I remember them;
And death, if it should come,
Must fall like quiet snow from such clear skies.

Minutes we snatched from the unkind winds
Are grown into daffodils by the sea's
Edge, mocking its green miseries;
Yet I seek you hourly still, over
A new Atlantis loneliness, blind
As a restless needle held by the constant north we
       always have in mind.

The first Poetry Friday Round-Up of 2014 is taking place at I Think in Poems.


  1. Glad you got some snow day time to read poetry and prepare your post. I am still here in my slippers avoiding the below zero temps that loom outside.

  2. I'm back at work, we had a delayed opening!

  3. I love the idea of minutes growing into daffodils that mock the sea's "green miseries." That's beautiful. Thanks for posting this, Diane - I see the poet is a Scot so I will try to imagine it read aloud with that fine accent.

  4. Julie, I looked, but couldn't find an audio of Hendry. :-( Can't you just hear the line, "Though noonday shadows are assembling doom"?