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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Freaky Fruit Tree!

I came across an article on a space science experiment, that leads me to want to play this:

The article is titled, "Mysterious growth of the 'space cherry'." You can read it here.

A New Yorker article, "The Amazing Tale of the Cherry Pit from Space," raises a few questions about the "scientific" aspects of the story, but, it ends with this, the space pit "wasn’t designed to be a real scientific experiment in the first place. It was simply an attempt to get Japanese schoolchildren excited about space. At that, it may well have succeeded." It certainly interested me!

Every New Hampshire tree seems to be be blooming, so perhaps it's time to think about fruit trees for your garden. Here's one title to get you started: The Fruit Gardener's Bible by Lewis Hill [634 HIL]. If you're looking, however, for advice on planting cherry pits from space, you'll have to look elsewhere!

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