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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Mother's Day Is Coming!

This coming Sunday, the second in May, is Mother's Day, a day that is celebrated by dozens of countries around the world to honor mothers.

Of course, the mother-child relationship is fodder for fiction, especially if those relationships are dysfunctional. But, not all relationships are dysfunctional, but, "into each life some rain must fall," as the expression goes. For stories of mothers (and stepmothers) who strive to do the best they can, look for one of these:

Carter, Betsy. The Orange Blossom Special. [F CAR]

Fly Away. [DVD FLY]

Hatvany, Amy. Heart Like Mine. [F HAT]

Lamott, Anne. Blue Shoe. [F LAM]

Mermaids. [DVD MER]

Morris, Michael. Man in the Blue Moon. [F MOR]

My Mother's Castle. [DVD MY]

Patchett, Ann. The Patron Saint of Liars. [F PAT]

Pearson, Allison. I Don't Know How She Does It: The Life of Kate Reddy, Working Mother. [F PEA]

Philomena. [DVD PHI] (Based on a true story.)

Sanders, Dori. Clover. [F SAN]

Come back on Monday for a list of not-so-perfect mother stories!

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