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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Remember That Movie?

Hundreds of movies are released every year and many films move to the back of our minds only to pop up some years later. Often we stumble around looking for the title. "Remember that movie, I think it was from the 50s, with Marlon Brando? The one where he says, 'I coulda been a contender!'"

It's On the Waterfront [DVD ON], and it's on our shelf!

"Oh, that's the one! Remember that other one where Marlon Brando yells 'Stella!'"

A Streetcar Named Desire [DVD STR].

"The woman who played Stella? Kim Hunter. Wasn't she in some movie with Jimmy Stewart where she was a witch?"

No, you're thinking of Kim Novack, and that movie was Bell, Book and Candle [DVD BEL]

"What was that other movie that had "bell" in the title? The one with the ditzy blonde."

Bells Are Ringing [DVD BEL].

An even better movie with Judy Holliday was Born Yesterday [DVD BOR], which starred William Holden. That one shouldn't be missed! Holliday won an Oscar for her performance.

As you can tell, we have lots of old movies in our collection, and we have a number of, how shall I say it..."mature" librarians who are movie fans and can probably help you remember the names of the movies you saw way back when!

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