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Thursday, September 04, 2014

Poetry Friday--National Chicken Month!

I'm going to close out this week of celebrating the CHICKEN with a poem I found in one Ted Kooser's "American Life in Poetry" weekly emails (column #245)
Poor Patriarch
by Susie Patlove

The rooster pushes his head
high among the hens, trying to be
what he feels he must be, here
in the confines of domesticity.
Before the tall legs of my presence,
he bristles and shakes his ruby comb.

Little man, I want to say
the hens know who they are.
I want to ease his mistaken burden,
want him to crow with the plain
ecstasy of morning light as it
finds its winter way above the woods.

Read the rest here.

I mentioned Monday's "American Life in Poetry" offering on a Facebook post and mentioned the fact that people can sign up to receive a weekly poem. I was surprised that so many people had never heard of the service. In case you are one of those people, you can sign up here. All the poems are short and can be read quickly and then saved and savored later!

Other poetry mailings include Garrison Keillor's "The Writer's Almanac," Academy of American Poets "Poem-A-Day," and Kenn Nesbitt's Poetry 4 Kids. A simple Google search using the term "poems by email" will bring up scads more!

Happy September, happy National Chicken Month, and happy Emailed Poetry Month (unofficial)!

Stop by Author Amok where Laura will have more poetry links to share in this week's Round-Up.

Photo by Tim Green aka atoach.


  1. Diane, what a delightful Kitty you make (never noticed this photo before). This offering today is an interesting and delightful poem about the issues of a rooster. I like the lines: "with the ecstasy of morning light as it finds its winter way above the woods...drink in the female pleasures that surround him."

    1. Thanks, Carol, the photo was taken on Halloween a good number of years ago!

  2. I love "Emailed Poetry Month"!! We should make a logo for it and try to make it official :-)

    1. Good idea. Or perhaps a listserv where anyone can post a poem to share? Although, people don't do listservs much any more. Maybe a Facebook page?

  3. It's National Chicken Month?! Who knew?! I LOVE chickens and loved the poem you shared. Thanks, too, for the weekly poem link.

    1. You know now! It seems kind of cruel to celebrate it by eating chicken which is what the month's sponsor, the National Chicken Council, would have us do! That's why I chose poetry!