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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Got Opera?

We sure do! Quite a bit of it, too! Rather than start off by reading about it, it is always good to watch it live. Next best after that is to listen to it! We have a series of audio books that are part of the "Black Dog Opera Series." In each three disk package, disk one is devoted to background information such as an act and scene synopsis, as well as biographical information on the performers. The other two disks contain the complete opera for you to enjoy. One of the titles is Bizet's Carmen [AB/CD 782.1 BIZ].

Tomorrow, the Metropolitan Opera in New York, a.k.a. the Met, is live-streaming Carmen starting at 7:25, five minutes before the curtain rises. Click here for the schedule of upcoming operas, and, to access the live stream.

If the opera's not for you, you still can enjoy an adaptation of Carmen in the film, Carmen Jones [DVD CAR]. Or, pick out snippets of Carmen from Looney Tunes cartoons. Or, watch Carmen: A Hip-Hopera starring Beyonce [on order]. Here's a song from the film:

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