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Thursday, October 09, 2014

Happy! Part 2

So, Monday's post on movies that make me happy engendered a lot of discussion among the staff. They asked to have their happy movies included, too. I'm always HAPPY to oblige (this list does not include everyone--it's mighty hard to poll a group):

Carl: Cars [J DVD CAR] and Mud [DVD MUD].

Carolyn: Chariots of Fire [DVD CHA] and The Birdcage [DVD BIR].

Cathy: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel [DVD BES].

Elaine: The Money Pit [DVD MON].

Maureen: It's Complicated [DVD ITS].

Terrie: Bridget Jones's Diary [DVD BRI] and Midnight in Paris [DVD MID].

There were several films mentioned by multiple staff people:

Big [DVD BIG].

Elf [DVD ELF].

Love, Actually [DVD LOV].

Moonstruck [DVD MOO].

Young Frankenstein [DVD YOU].

And the happiest song from a movie:

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