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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Poetry Friday--Creature Carnival

Creature Carnival by Marilyn Singer [J 811 SIN], is, as you would imagine, a book of poems about animals, but, its subjects are truly creatures of the mythological, legendary, and tall-tale type. And, considering what time of year it is, these creatures are fitting for Halloween! I need to add that the illustrator, Gris Grimly, does himself proud with equally creepy pictures. (A word of warning, his website was not created for a young child audience!)

The book is set up like a carnival sideshow and has a helpful glossary of "Featured Creatures" at the back of the book in case readers are unfamiliar with the creatures on display.

I think this one's my favorite:

Hurry, hurry, kids, gents, ladies!
Step inside the gates of Hades!
There'll be thrills, there'll be chills
        in this land of the dead,
And you'll get to pet Cerberus
        on the head
                                and head.

We can guarantee kicks
        when he shows off his tricks--
Fetching three balls at once
        from the deep River Styx.
Such an excellent pooch,
        but with one fault, alas--
You must toss him a treat
        if you're eager to pass.
For no matter how often
        he tries and he tries,
He's no good with hellos--
        and he's worse with good-byes.

Watch out for the creatures hanging out at the Poetry Friday Round-Up hosted at Merely Day by Day--poetry lovers are a wild and crazy bunch!


  1. What a perfect Halloween book! Love it. Marilyn Singer strikes again!

  2. The funny thing is, the book is ten years old and this is the first time I came across it!

  3. Wonderfully horrible and horribly wonderful! Will have to get my hands on this, for sure.