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Thursday, November 06, 2014

Happy Birthday to Kurious Kitty!

I have no idea who taught the automaton at Blogoversary how to count, but when I look at the start date of this blog, November 6, 2006, and calculate the number of days until the next blogoversary, I get either 0 or 365. The Blogoversary counter from Monday had the countdown as 328 days.

Old counter:
I removed the old counter and put up a new one that also has a cat on it! You can see it on the right hand side of the page. It seems to be accurate.

I'd rather think of the blogoversary as Kurious Kitty's BIRTHDAY, and today, Kurious Kitty is 8 years old! So, let's party! To quote Grover, "Don't sit like a potato on the couch!"

I'm sure KK would love it if you brought over a cake or a pie to celebrate with her and the staff. I'd recommend the cake found on page 37 of The Cake Bible [641.8653 BER]. Or, the pie found on page 226 of The Pie and Pastry Bible also by Rose Levy Beranbaum [641.865 BER]! And while we're eating, maybe someone will read Splat the Cat Takes the Cake [E SCO] to us?

Isn't this a perfect day?

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