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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

"There Is Painting After Blindness"

What a seemingly incongruous statement, but it is true for artist Sargy Mann. The BBC News Magazine featured this totally blind artist whose works sell for thousands to the likes of Steven Spielberg and other serious art collectors.

The video didn't go into how he chose his colors, but, there are several more videos available on YouTube that may explain. Viewing them all will be a project for another time, though. What is explained is how Mann manages proportions--he uses Blu-tack! Blu-tack has long been a favorite of the Library staff for use in securing posters without the risk of removing paint when the poster is taken down. It is a delight for me to realize that there are other, more creative uses for the stuff!

Now, if a blind man can paint, why can't you? It's all about attitude (see KK's Kwotes for today)! Borrow one of our how-to books and give it a go. You CAN do it!

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