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Monday, December 08, 2014

More Suggestions for Gift-Giving

For a book-lover, the best gift is a book. The second best would be a book or literary related gift. Shopping for one of these can a great fun, especially if your recipient has a favorite book, author, or character.

For example, The Unemployed Philosopher's Guild has a whole section devoted to "Literature" and it includes items such as this:

"Alice's Enchantmints," a small tin of breath mints based on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland [F CAR], will slip nicely into a stocking, as will any number of handmade items found on Etsy. Etsy offerings range from Geoffrey Chaucer cookie cutters to Harry Potter [J ROW] phone covers. Simply type in a name and see what turns up!

Have no money? Here's something you can do that won't cost a cent. Send your favorite book-loving person a quote a day (or week or month). Go to Google and use "quotes" as your search term, then pick a quote site. I use BrainyQuote. Type in an author name, or a broad subject such as "books" or "reading," then find and copy a quote. Next, go to "10+ Web Tools to Make Quote Photos," select a site, paste, and create! Email your quote creation to your friend. The quote below was created with ProQuoter.

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