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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Poetry Friday--It's Sweater Poetry Day!

Yesterday I wrote briefly about the British traditional ugly Christmas jumper, and how today is officially Christmas Jumper Day.

Since it has gotten decidedly colder here in NH over the past week, and as warm sweaters are now a daily necessity, I decided to look for a sweater poem to share. Alas, they are not in abundance in the books in our collection, but I did find some on the Hello Poetry site.

I found today's poem in the collection Winter Eyes by Douglas Florian [J 811.54 FLO]. A sweater only gets a mention, but, that's enough to count as a sweater poem!
Winter Wool

Woolen socks
And woolen vest,
In woolen shirts
And skirts we're dressed.
Woolen sweaters,
Woolen caps--
The ones that have two woolen flaps.
Woolen gloves
And woolen coats
With woolen scarves
Around our throats,
Woolen here
And woolen there.
Our heads are growing
Woolen hair.

The above poem will be particularly relevant come Chinese New Year, February 19, 2015, which will usher in the Year of the Sheep!

One of the most poignant poems I have ever read, is called "Irish Sweaters" by Shirley Graves Cochrane. I posted it in 2012. Please reread it, I think it is stunning.

Let me know of any good sweater poems you come across and I'll start a list for next year.

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  1. "Irish Sweaters" just hurts, doesn't it? I've been reading Todd Boss lately, and he has a great sweater poem titled "How Smokes the Smolder."

    1. I'll look for it, Julie! So that makes 2 poems on the list for next year!

  2. Graves' poem just slays me....

    1. I think because it is so totally unexpected. And alas, probably true in what it portrays.

  3. Thanks for sharing Winter Wool and the link to Irish Sweaters! I thoroughly enjoyed both!