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Friday, January 23, 2015

Poetry Friday--"Winter"

Since we're expecting a nor'easter this weekend, there's no denying winter!
by Robert Louis Stevenson

In rigorous hours, when down the iron lane
The redbreast looks in vain
For hips and haws,
Lo, shining flowers upon my window-pane
The silver pencil of the winter draws.

When all the snowy hill
And the bare woods are still;
When snipes are silent in the frozen bogs,
And all the garden garth is whelmed in mire,
Lo, by the hearth, the laughter of the logs --
More fair than roses, lo, the flowers of fire!

From An Inheritance of Poetry, collected and arranged by Gladys L. Adshead and Annis Duff [821 ADS].

Now, please take a side trip to New Hampshire Garden Solutions, a blog that recently ran a post titled, "Ice." Spend a little time marveling over "the silver pencil of the winter" and its drawings done here in New Hampshire.

Then, hop down to New Jersey where A Teaching Life is hosting this week's Round-Up.


  1. I love the way he uses rhyme in this poem. It's masterful!

    1. Yes, it is! I never read Stevenson, but, since reading Under the Wide and Starry Sky: A Novel by Nancy Horan, I've become intrigued by him.