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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Yes, There Is Something New Under the Sun!

You would think that everything there is to know about the earth and its creatures has been discovered. Not so! Only recently, the fossil remains of two small mammals were discovered in China. The creatures were named Docofossor, seen on the left in the photo below, and Agilodocodon, on the right. One lived underground, the other in trees. And the time in which they lived? Agilodocodon, 165 million years ago and Docofossor, a mere 160 million years!

The discovery was featured in a Science Daily report. You can read the Science Daily report, or this version from the University of Chicago to learn more.

New fossils are being discovered all the time it seems! In the fall we read about a new dinosaur that was even larger than T. Rex! Its name is Spinosaurus. The new discoveries will undoubtedly be the subject of forthcoming books, which means, it will be a while before we have more information on our shelf. However, online sources like Science Daily, should keep you informed and up-to-date with its "Fossil News."

Since discoveries still remain to be made, your kids could grow up to become paleontologists! Here's a book to get them started: Bones Rock!: Everything You Need to Know to Be a Paleontologist by Peter L. Larson [J 560 LAR].

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