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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Poetry Friday--It's Officially Spring!

Today, at 6:45 pm, is the vernal equinox. Spring officially arrives and not a moment too soon! Let's hope we've seen the end of the snow, and that what's left on the ground slowly melts so as to avoid burying us all in mud!

Here's a poem by Wallace Stevens that is perfect for transitioning us. It can be found in She Walks in Beauty: A Woman's Journey in Poems, selected and introduced by Caroline Kennedy [808.81 SHE].
The Poems of Our Climate

Clear water in a brilliant bowl,
Pink and white carnations. The light
In the room more like a snowy air,
Reflecting snow. A newly-fallen snow
At the end of winter when afternoons return.
Pink and white carnations--one desires
So much more than that. The day itself
Is simplified: a bowl of white,
Cold, a cold porcelain, low and round,
With nothing more than the carnations there.

Say even that this complete simplicity
Stripped one of all one’s torments, concealed
The evilly compounded, vital I
And made it fresh in a world of white,
A world of clear water, brilliant-edged,
Still one would want more, one would need more,
More than a world of white and snowy scents.

There would still remain the never-resting mind,
So that one would want to escape, come back
To what had been so long composed.
The imperfect is our paradise.
Note that, in this bitterness, delight,
Since the imperfect is so hot in us,
Lies in flawed words and stubborn sounds.

Head over to Reading to the Core where I'm sure you'll get a full dose of spring poetry!


  1. Anonymous11:08 AM

    My heart years to see crocuses throw off the last brown ice and raise their purple cups to the sun. I supposed yearning is just revealing "the imperfect is so hot in" me, always waiting for the next season. :-)

  2. This year we deserve spring. Big time!

  3. This line, "The imperfect is our paradise." is haunting, but somehow comforting at the same time. Somehow I have missed this collection. Thanks for pointing it out today.