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Friday, March 13, 2015

Poetry Friday--Tomorrow is Pi Day!

Each year on March 14, nerdy, and not so nerdy, types celebrate Pi Day! Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, which is 3.141592 etc. It is expressed by the π symbol.

This year is extra special since it is 3/14/15 and follows the same number sequence as Pi. Two years ago BuzzFeed ran "24 Wonderful Ways to Celebrate Pi(e) Day," which is relevant for any Pi Day, including tomorrow.

Perhaps you'd like to celebrate with a numbers poem? Here's one from a great book we have in our collection called, Verse & Universe: Poems About Science And Mathematics, edited by Kurt Brown [811.008 VER]:
The Mathematician's Disclaimer
by Ira Sadoff

What I would give for a clear field
of vision, to rid myself of the crippling
disorder of my desk, my only child
standing before my wife, the wild
grass growing slowly over my shoetops.
I have given my life to numbers, and these
numbers, in return, have given me a life
I cannot control. But that is all
beside the point. Nothing is really solved:
as the photograph resolves in its pan,
the plan to map the path of the sun
cannot be won. What a relief to know
that if my days are numbered I have numbered
them myself, the pleasure in the music
of my life is not left in the clock, nor
the tock of the metronome, but in the moment
between moments, the measure left unmeasured.

Ira Sadoff is from up the road in Maine. There is a lot of poetic talent in New England!

Eat some pie, play with some numbers, read (or write) some poetry for Pi Day. Before that, though, visit Laura at Author Amok for the Poetry Friday Round-Up.

The scrumptious apple pie photo is by Matman from Lublin, courtesy Wikimedia.


  1. Diane, I love the closing of this poem, beginning with these words:

    What a relief to know
    that if my days are numbered I have numbered
    them myself

    My son has a robotics tournament tomorrow. Maybe I will bring some mini pies for the team.

    1. Those are my favorite lines, too. Mini pi pies sounds awesome!

  2. Our math teachers celebrate Pi Day by having student volunteers bring in their favorite pie to share with the class. It's always a big hit! I agree with you and Laura, those are my favorite lines too.
    Happy Pi Day!

  3. "Nothing is really solved:" Fascinating poem, Diane! I will look for more of his.

    My son goes to a Pi Day party at a friend's house every year...the unfortunate part is that he doesn't like pie!