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Friday, May 01, 2015

Poetry Friday--Take Poetry With You

Pockets illustration (1889) courtesy NYPL Digital Collection.

Yesterday was the last day of National Poetry Month, and, it was also Poem In Your Pocket Day! If you missed it, you can still tuck a poem in your pocket today and carry it with you all year long.

Here are two small poems that should do nicely:

A Simple Thing
by Deborah Warren

A branch that broke with the weight of the winter snow
went on with April, blooming anyway,
its death not having reached its hasty bud.
How simple--not to stop or think or know;
to answer a single impulse with a drive
that assumes the sap as a habit in the blood;
to carry on with the business of the day
and eat the light and call itself alive.

from The Swallow Anthology of New American Poets [811.608 SWA].

A Member of the Wedding
by Nancy Willard

If I could remove the head of the man in front of me,
I'd see the bride instead of her proud father,
her glad father instead of the nervous groom,
the nimble groom instead of the deaf priest,
the slow priest instead of the sprinkled water,
the blessed water instead of the wrinkled sea,
the wide sea instead of the crowded sky,
the mackerel sky instead of the wheeling sun,
the dealing sun instead of the drumming moon,
the bald moon, bride of heaven,
beautiful in her emptiness,
beautiful with nothing to hide,
beautiful as the head of the man in front of me,
beautiful as the bride.

from Swimming Lessons: New and Selected Poems [811 WIL]

I'd be interested to know if you have a poem you carry with you. If so, please share the title, or the poem, in the comments.

The Poetry Friday Round-Up is taking place at Space City Scribes deep in the heart of Texas!


  1. Both of these poems were new to me, and I adored them both. I don't carry a poem with me physically, but carry many in my heart, and find myself quoting them unexpectedly.

    1. Thanks for stopping by today, Sally. I suppose with a poem in your heart, there's no way it will go through the wash!

  2. Thanks for the pocket-poems, Diane! I stuck the second one in my e-pocket.

    1. It's a good one for keeping!