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Monday, May 04, 2015


The video below was shared by a writer friend. As writers, we found it interesting to see how the lyricist, Oscar Hammerstein, went about creating "My Favorite Things."

Michael Feinstein found something else of interest:
And this song, "My Favorite Things," as is depicted in the film, it is sung by Julie Andrews as Maria to children who are scared during a rain storm. But, in the Broadway show, it was performed in a different setting. Maria, who was played by Mary Martin, is singing it as a duet with the Mother Abbess in the abbey. It's a song about things that they like. It wasn't a song about running from fear, but it was just something that gave them a chance to sing about things they found gratifying in life.

Context is so important to meaning! I'm sorry we don't have the Broadway soundtrack, but we do have the film [DVD SOU] and the movie soundtrack [CD SOUNDTRACK SOU]. If you're interested, several GMILCS libraries have the libretto, The Sound of Music: A New Musical Play, from 1960.

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