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Friday, May 29, 2015

Poetry Friday--It's Strawberry Festival Time!

The FLOW Strawberry Festival and Book Sale will be held at the high school tomorrow, 10 am to 4 pm. Don't miss out on the strawberry shortcake!

We've been a little busy here at the Library this week, and so, I didn't have time to hunt for a new strawberry poem for Poetry Friday. What follows is a repeat post from June 3, 2011:

In honor of tomorrow's FLOW Strawberry Festival, I have found this amazing love poem by Amy Lowell, which has a mention of strawberries.

When I have baked white cakes
And grated green almonds to spread upon them;
When I have picked the green crowns from the strawberries
And piled them, cone-pointed, in a blue and yellow platter;
When I have smoothed the seam of the linen I have been working;
What then?
To-morrow it will be the same:
Cakes and strawberries,
And needles in and out of cloth.
If the sun is beautiful on bricks and pewter,
How much more beautiful is the moon,
Slanting down the gauffered branches of a plum-tree;
The moon,
Wavering across a bed of tulips;
The moon,
Upon your face.
You shine, Beloved,
You and the moon.
But which is the reflection?
The clock is striking eleven.
I think, when we have shut and barred the door,
The night will be dark
Wow! Does that poem use all your senses or what? Lowell is a master at making the reader see, feel, smell, hear, and taste!

The Poetry Friday Round-Up is taking place at Reflections on the Teche. Stop by, and tell Margaret I said "Hi!"

Photo by RubyGoes.

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